Q's Tips & Wings 

Q's Tips & Wings is a family owned company that was started from my home.
We catered for family events which turned to private events. We provided 
many cities with our flavorful food by vending in their local fest! We 
participated in small competitions and won. Our fan based grew from 20
 customers per week to over 100; which is why we are now bringing 
our flavor to you. We enjoy making our new found customers happy by
 making their stomach smile.

We provide a taste thats time and home filled; and you can't find it no where! Turkey is seasoned beautifully and pork delicately seasoned just right. Our wings are battered with perfection. We provide our own flavors to our Tacos, Loaded fries and Nachos that are irresistable . 

 Q'S SPECIAL BBQ SAUCE  MADE DAILY : Q's Original, Spicy & Mixed
ORIGINAL is our MILD sauce that is sweet and delicious, SPICY is our hot BBQ sauce with a sweet flavor that you will love and our MIXED is the SWEET and SPICY brought down to a slight SPICY taste that is easy and very enjoyable for those who want spice but don't want it too hot. You can purchase our famous sauces for $3.99 per bottle
 Q's Tips & Wings are opened  TUESDAY - SUNDAY   and we cater 24 hours daily. Call in advance for all catering orders and delivery service is also available for catered orders with a small fee
2517 w. 79th street